Hypernotes is intuitive knowledge management for teams. Create a collective ‘second brain’ for your company, and collaborate on anything from wikis and documentation, to research and writing projects. Start projects and add tasks, or even connect with built-in task management apps.

Build a network of knowledge in Hypernotes:

· Bi-directional linking between related notes,

· Outlining of large topics into smaller sub-topics,

· Automated suggestions to link related but as yet unconnected notes,

· Embedding of text blocks to reduce duplicate content,

· Knowledge graphs for better discovery,

· Extensive collaboration on the task, note, and notebook level.

· Built-in dedicated productivity tools through Zenkit Suite,

· GDPR conformity and EU-based servers,

· Enterprise grade admin and user management,

· Activity tracking on task, note, and notebook levels.

What happens when you use Hypernotes?

- fewer interruptions to your natural writing process

- less time spent searching due to the hierarchical & linked structure of documents

- less duplicate content because relevant pages are automatically linked

- less miscommunication due to a wrong or inadequate text structure

+ a better read/write ratio of your texts: People read more of what you write.

+ a better understanding of your texts

+ a better representation of your thoughts

+ a more natural flow in your writing process

+ more creativity and more "living" documents

+ more collaboration on resources like documentation and wikis

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Collaborative knowledge management made easy.