360 Cassette Installer

360 Cassette Installer

Virtual product installation experience

360 Cassette Installer Application provides an Augmented Reality for consumers to experience the virtual installation of 360 Cassette prototype. Also suggests various example of expected environments of 360 Cassette as a Gallery.

Product Specifications

360 Cassette Installer Application provides the product specification and key features for the consumer to discover the detailed information of the product. The video contents shows what was the pain point of using past air conditioning products and how 360 Cassette is motivated and improved through the research.

App Installation condition

360 Cassette Installer Application is operable from Android 4.0(ICS) and compatible with recent Samsung electronic devices (Galaxy Tab S2, Galaxy Note Pro and so on). Screen ratio is developed in 16:10 and it is possible to find margins at all sides when the ratio is different. By operating the real-time 3D model source, low-speed device might not perform the best with this Application.

Language: English only

※ App permissions

The following permissions are required for the app service.

[Required access permissions]

- Camera : Use it for taking photos of the space to virtual installing 360 Cassette.

- Storage : Use it for loading stored images of the space to virtual installing 360 Cassette.

- Phone : Use it for product inquiry and purchasing after 360 Cassette virtual installation AR experience.

*Please contact to the local retailer or website for more details and purchase of the product.

  1. 360 Cassette Installer
  2. 360 Cassette Installer
  3. 360 Cassette Installer
  4. 360 Cassette Installer
  5. 360 Cassette Installer
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129, Samsung-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 16677, Rep. of KOREA

This App provides an AR experience of Samsung 360 Cassette with its information