Zoho Shifts is an employee scheduling app that provides a holistic approach towards workforce management. Zoho Shifts consists of an integrated set of processes that include forecasting employee requirements, and managing time and attendance.

Zoho Shifts app has got your scheduling needs completely covered, from putting together a schedule for your team and planning for the days, weeks, and months ahead, to swapping shifts and responding to changes as they arise.

Key Features for Managers:

- Create and manage schedules with ease

- View schedules from anywhere, any time with real-time updates

- Create, update, and publish shifts

- Fill open shifts quickly

- Alert your team of any schedule changes through chat and SMS notifications

- Approve and monitor shift swap, shift offer, and time-off requests

Key Features for Employees:

- Clock in and out of your shifts and breaks

- View current and upcoming work schedules anywhere, any time

- Pick up open shifts

- Set availability preferences

- Submit shift swaps, shift offers and time off requests

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21.1 MB 50+ Rated for 3+
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Zoho Corporation 5.0 and up Unranked
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N/A January 2021 Free
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Estancia IT Park, Plot no. 140, 151, GST Road, Vallancheri, Chengalpattu District - 603 202, INDIA

Create work schedules in minutes and communicate with your staff from anywhere