Grumpy bull Reverse matching puzzle game

Grumpy bull Reverse matching puzzle game

In the ranch in the western countryside, the rancher held a special rodeo competition. The cowboy wants to transport 99 cows to the village fair for sale. Can you complete the rancher mission as a cowboy? Come and experience this innovative game of reverse match elimination game!

This brain test game is different from other match-3 game. Its innovative rule is reverse match elimination, You should try to minimize matching of the same color.

How to play:

1 Control one cow's movement at a time, the cowboy's task is to send cows of various colors to the 3*3 grid of the ranch. When the grid is full of 9 cows, the cowboy will drive them away in a truck to sell them.

2 Attention! If cows of the same color stand in the same row or column in the grid, they will fight, and all cows in the same row or column will be injured and eliminated from the grid.

3 Rancher provides 99 cows. The cows transported by the truck are counted as points, and the cows eliminated after the injury will be deducted. Let's see how many cows you can sell. Come on, cowboy!

Game features introduction:

1 Original and innovative gameplay, using reverse thinking to play matching elimination games.It is an excellent brain test game.

2 Using the cute and funny style of painting, it depicts the beautiful pasture scene of the western countryside, as well as fresh and cute calf, cowboy and other characters.

3 The relaxing and relaxing game music seems to really return to the country ranch and become the owner of the ranch.

4 Easy and pleasant game rhythm, you can play a game in 5 minutes, you can relax on your phone anytime, anywhere.

5 Every cowboy wants to complete the challenge of 99 cows. As long as you use your brain and try again and again, you will definitely complete the challenge and become the champion of this rodeo.

Finally, remind everyone that you must not use the traditional match elimination method to play this game, then you will be fired by the rancher, cowboy! The key to winning the game is reverse thinking!

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Innovative brain test puzzle, using reverse thinking gameplay.